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There’s More To It Than Just Weight Loss

Feb 12 2016 by Step2Change.

There’s More To It Than Just Weight Loss

Lady frustrated with her weight

As a Hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss, I am acutely conscious that there is a lot more involved than just eating too much and not being active enough.
I have heard people say that obese people shouldn’t be served with fast foods, etc., that they should be penalised in some other way; that they should get out and exercise more, it’s their own fault.

And so the litany goes on.But their is a way to help.

The Blame Game.
I know that some people blame their genes for their problem. Admittedly, while it is claimed that there is no gene that makes some people fat or obese, there can be a genetic disposition toward putting on weight if we are not careful. Equally, some medications, e.g. steroids can make weight gain easy. This does not mean that such people cannot lose weight, just that they have to work even harder at doing so.

Of course, the added ‘insult to injury’ is that many such people are made to feel like social lepers and this can lead to further loss of confidence, self-image, etc. and create a downward spiral that exacerbates the problem. That obesity is harmful to health is now very well publicised and does not help the feelings of inadequacy.

A Solution?
Where is this leading? It’s leading to a new Masterclass I have developed in conjunction with a couple of associates. The objective is to combine hypnotherapy to encourage and support healthy eating, guidance on nutrition, safe exercise and activity from a personal trainer, together with instruction and advice from a style coach to help you look good and dress to show yourself in the best way.

The objective is not just about losing weight and trying to look sylph-like, but to understand what you want to achieve and why; to help you make the best of how you feel about yourself and be comfortable with your body, then set realistic goals (Goal Setting for Weight Loss) and an action plan to get and keep you there.

The Masterclass is called Look Good – Feel Good and will be held on four consecutive Thursday evenings at the Jurys Inn in Edinburgh in March. Enrolment, should you be interested, is through Eventbrite at an introductory price of £199. This offer includes a free one-to-one assessment with the personal trainer at his gym in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

What Else?
Of course, if you’d prefer a more personal approach, book a free half-hour consultation call with me by clicking on the banner below. There will be no obligation and you can download my free Guide and Check-list the 4 Cornerstones of Successful Weight Loss and book your free consultation.

Image of leaning tower of Pisa with no firm foundations

What ever you decide to do, I wish you success.

Mike Rogers, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Step2Change Hypnotherapy, Edinburgh.

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