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How to Burn More Fat to Lose Weight

Apr 19 2016 by Step2Change.

How to Burn More Fat to Lose Weight

A Healthy Breakfast

The other day, one of my clients was asking me how she could burn more fat to lose weight. We both knew that eating more healthily without snacking and being more active were important, but she wondered if there is a way to increase the rate at which she could burn off fat.

Most people now know that our bodies use sugars for energy and that what our bodies don’t need for energy at the time of eating is stored as fat. This is our reserve for when we need energy but there is no readily available source from dietary sugars.

And here lies the key.

When our body needs extra energy, its first port of call is dietary sugars, in the form of glucose and it gets this from both simple sugars that we eat or drink, e.g. sweet drinks, cakes, biscuits, etc. and from carbohydrates, which the body readily converts.

It is a very efficient and effective way for our body to get the energy it needs when it needs it. When there is no immediately available source of sugars, only then does it start to use the reserves stored in body fat. However, as soon as we eat carbohydrates, our body naturally turns to those carbohydrates as its first and primary source of energy.

To make our bodies use more of their fat reserves, we should delay or postpone eating carbohydrates.


In an earlier blog “Breakfast Like a King to Lose Weight” I stressed the importance of having a good breakfast to get the metabolism going and to maintain good levels of sugar/insulin. It is also important that this be predominantly protein based. It takes longer to digest and makes us feel full longer. It also means that the body must use its fat reserves to provide the energy to get us into our busy day.

If you are the sort of person who can only face a carbohydrate based breakfast, like cereals or toast and marmalade, then try to delay it until much later in the morning so that again, your body has been forced to dig into its fat reserves to get you up and about.


Lunch is a good time to start on the carbs and don’t forget their importance in providing micronutrients. Don’t forget the proportions. A reasonably good portion would look like:

For Women:

Protein – a palm sized portion; Vegetables – a fist sized portion; Starchy carbs  (potatoes, grains, pasta) – a cupped hand portion; fats (oils, butters, nuts & seeds) – a thumb sized portion.

For Men

Protein – two palm sized portions; Vegetables – two fist sized portions; Starchy carbs  (potatoes, grains, pasta) – two cupped hand portions; fats (oils, butters, nuts & seeds) – two thumb sized portions.

Please bear in mind that this is only a guide and may need adjusting to your own body size, activity levels and weight loss/gain needs.


Don’t eat this too late in the day and watch your portion sizes as above. Your expected energy requirement will be reducing so more will be stored as fat as your body prepares for the overnight fast during which cell repair takes place.


For preference eat protein for breakfast, delay breakfast if you can and don’t eat dinner too late either. Increasing the length of the overnight fast seems to aid weight loss and repair at the cellular level.

Of course, if you want help to lose weight, hypnotherapy can certainly help. You can go some way to improving your chances by taking a few basic steps before you start. I have written a handy guide and checklist called The 4 Cornerstones of Successful Weight Loss. You can get your free copy by clicking on the image below. You can also book a free, no obligation Clarification Call with me at the same time.

Image of leaning tower of Pisa with no firm foundations

I wish you success and if I can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,

Mike Rogers, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Step2Change Hypnotherapy, Edinburgh


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