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Sessions and Fees

Sessions and Fees

Sessions may combine any or all of the techniques explained in this website. Each individual session within a programme lasts between an hour and an hour and a quarter, with the exception of Stop Smoking, which lasts about 90 minutes.

Obviously I cannot state with any certainty how many sessions will be required as every client and their issue will be unique. However, I am committed to resolving issues in the fewest sessions required to achieve a successful outcome.


For simple issues that may be resolved in a few sessions I charge a per session fee of £65

For Stop Smoking there is a fee of £150.

Hypno-Band Gastric Band Therapy is a fixed programme of 4 sessions and the fee is £350.

Weight Loss programmes tend to be more complex because of the range of potential issues involved and where you are in your weight loss journey and how much on-going support you want. We will discuss this in the pre-consultation and agree the fee accordingly.

I can also offer a Fixed Fee for achieving a mutually agreed successful outcome of your treatment and I will continue to work with you until we reach that mutually agreed outcome or we agree that further progress is not achievable. This eliminates the risk to you of starting therapy without knowing how many sessions you may be asked to attend and perhaps an unnecessary number of chargeable sessions.


So that I can fully understand what the issue is and we can both understand what you want and need, I offer a free pre-consultation. This will also allow you to make sure that you can work with me, after all you will be sharing a part of yourself with me, and it will allow me to be sure that I can help you with your specific issue.

The pre-consultation may be by telephone or face-to-face, so please either call me direct, or use the contact form below. If you want to add more information, then please use the contact form on my Contact Page


For all treatments payment can be made by cash or personal cheque. You can also pay by Debit or Credit Card via Paypal. Payment through PayPal gives you buyer protection and once I have received confirmation of receipt, I will contact you to confirm your appointment.