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How to Lose 10 pounds in a Week?

Dec 30 2015 by Step2Change.

According to Google, this was No. 9 in their Top 10 ‘How to?’ searches for 2015. I guess there are two easy ways. One is buy the latest fad diet book or celebrity DVD, which should relieve you of quite a few £££s, or you could stop drinking too much liquid and let dehydration do its work – definitely not recommended though!

I understand that another search term near the top of Google’s list for 2015 was ‘How to Lose Belly Fat?’ Sadly, the human body does not lose fat selectively, i.e. from selected parts only. It loses it generally from all places at the same time.

How Realistic is the Question and How Reliable the Results?

As any re

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10 Top Tips For Reducing Unwanted Stress

Dec 03 2015 by Step2Change.

Stressed Mother

This post came about as I contemplated the onrushing Christmas ‘festivities’ and all that may entail. From the panic buying, clearing your workspace for the holidays or the gloom surrounding that impending visit from the ‘out-laws or other pesky relative who always visits to take advantage of your hospitality and ruins your day.

Why Do We Feel Like We Do When Stressed?

First, why does stress have the effect on us that it does, whether l

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Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

Nov 26 2015 by Step2Change.

I don’t mean that you should dive into a tub of lard, but be wary of ‘low fat diets.

Plate of Fat Pork

According to the latest research coming out of Harvard Medical School, low-fat diets do not seem to work for long term weight management and they recommend higher fat, lower carbohydrate diets instead.

The researchers seem to have done a pretty thorough job of it, in that they analysed 53 diet studies that covered more than 68,000 participants (no do

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Is Comfort Eating Sabotaging Your Diet? 3 Tips to Counter It.

Nov 17 2015 by Step2Change.

Guilty woman raiding fridge

Do you have a largely well balanced diet, but fall down when it comes to comfort eating. You know the sort of thing; you’re watching TV so snack on crisps, or sweets, you have a cup of tea or coffee and out come the chocolate biscuits or a piece of cake.

The ways we find to absorb empty calories are limited only by our imagination. But if you want to get a handle on comfort eating or ‘grazing’, there are a few thing

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Losing Weight or Massaging Figures?

Nov 09 2015 by Step2Change.

Large Lady Trying on Dress

Are you really losing weight or is your dress size telling fibs?

Back in October, I posed the question “Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?” in which I discussed the fact that sometimes it is not about weight loss, but body image and how we feel about ourselves that is important, not whether we fit society’s norms.


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Breakfast Like a King to Lose Weight?

Nov 02 2015 by Step2Change.

King's Crown

Well maybe not on its own but there is a lot in the old saying “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper.”

Funnily enough, it’s only in Hollywood that the kings with their nobles and court ate their feasts at night in front of roaring log fires. In reality, they ate these in the mornings while the castle was warmed by the kitchens and cooking. Evening meals were the scraps eaten huddled in front of a fire in a cold and d

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Sensible Food Choices for Weight Loss

Oct 26 2015 by Step2Change.

Bowl of Healthy Food

As we become increasingly time poor there is growing temptation, or even pressure turning us to ready meals. These are very attractively packaged, may promise low fat, low salt and exotic ingredients. A major problem with them is that we have little or no control over the contents and how they were originally prepared.

I realise that it can be a faff buying raw ingredients and cooking them, not least because this also suggests that we have planned the m

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Do You Really Want to Lose Weight?

Oct 19 2015 by Step2Change.

Dieter on Scales

As I mentioned in my previous blog “No Quick Fix to Being a Healthy Weight”, there is an ever growing market in weight loss products and pills, and one new celebrity diet after another seem to suggest that using or following these latest fads will give you the body you want with relatively little effort. – See more at:

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No Quick Fix to Being a Healthy Weight

Oct 12 2015 by Step2Change.

Woman Happy with Healthy Weight Loss

The ever growing market in weight loss products and pills, and one new celebrity diet after another seem to suggest that using or following these latest fads will give you the body you want with relatively little effort.

I often get clients who want to lose weight for a special event, like a wedding and get impatient when they don’t see the progress they wanted, so come to me looking for a quick fix.

But being healthy is not just about weight and having le

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What you eat disagrees with you or is something eating you?

Sep 21 2015 by Step2Change.

Someone comfort eating

Comfort eating is a major form of over eating as we use it to get over an upset, relieve boredom or because we’re angry over something. Why do we do this?

Well part of the answer is that many of us were ‘taught’ to feed our emotions as children.

How often when we fell and grazed our knees, or hurt ourselves in some other way did

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