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Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety & Stress

Do your nerves get the better of you, are anxiety attacks a worry or do you just worry about all sorts of things? Perhaps you have a fear about an impending event? Do you suffer from panic attacks or do you have a full blown phobia?

Hypnotherapy with NLP and CBT techniques can help. A relatively short programme could change your life.


Depending on how deep seated or complex the issue a number of sessions may be required. Paradoxically, phobias may be resolved in a single NLP session, because they tend to be so subject specific. Anxiety disorders tend to have more complex origins and may impact on a wider range of life activities.

The programme starts with an initial consultation to investigate your issues, how the symptoms present, and likely causes. Because the problem is often deep-seated and has a potentially wide range of adverse affects, a multi-therapy approach is typical. The first session usually includes a hypnotherapy session to boost self-confidence and self-esteem to help stabilize you. Subsequent sessions may use a combination of techniques. You will also learn self-hypnosis techniques and coping strategies.

So, if a fear or phobia is stopping you from getting the most out of life, doing something worthwhile, don’t suffer in silence and definitely don’t feel embarrassed talking to me about it.

Call me on 0131 208 3208 or 07749 478 785 to find out how I can help you or use my contact form and I will call you back.

Don’t delay. For every minute you continue to suffer, you deny yourself 60 seconds worth of feeling at ease!



* It is important to note however, that results may vary from person to person.