Anxiety Issues

Man Suffering Anxiety Issues Needs Help.

Anxiety affects a great many people and a great many live with it in misery not realising that it can be relieved quite easily using Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT.


Stress, all to common these days is becoming an epidemic and the effects on health and well-being can be very damaging.

So if your nerves get the better of you, anxiety attacks are a worry or a phobia is a problem, even if you just worry about all sorts of things, don’t suffer unnecessarily. Get in touch and regain your life.


Depending on how deep seated or complex the issue is, a number of sessions may be reuquired. Paradoxically, phobias may be resolved in a single NLP session because they tend to be subject specific. Depression and anxiety disorders tend to have more complex origins and may affect a wider range of life acitivities.

The programme starts with an initial consultation to investigate your issues, how the symptoms present and likely causes (they may not always be apparent). Because the problem is often deep-seated and has a potentially wide range of adverse effects, a multi-therapy approach is typical. The first session usually includes a hypnotherapy session to boost self-confidence and self-esteem to help stabilise you and start dealing with the stress. Subsequent sessions may use a combination of techniques. You will also learn self-hypnosis and coping strategies.

So if any of these problems are stopping you from getting the most out of life or doing something worthwhile, don’t suffer in silence and definitely don’t feel embarrassed talking to me about it.

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Anxiety & Nerves

While all have their roots in fear, anxiety can be termed a state of apprehension or worry and may be quite general in nature. Although the sensations may be very similar to those of fears and phobias, which are reactions to past events, the sufferer is anxious about the occurrence or outcome of a future event. Here the tendency is to think the worst will happen, based either on a previous experience or an imaginary outcome. In short, there is a tendency to ‘catastrophise’ situations.

That we realise this on a conscious level doesn’t stop our subconscious from constructing all manner of dire outcomes, whether this be the nervous feelings brought about by an imminent

  • Driving test
  • Exam
  • Interview
  • Speech or presentation
  • Or the anxiety of an imminent family get-together or other social occasion.

Most people have heard that little voice that says something like “When Jack and Jill find out what you’ve done, boy I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes!”, or “You’re going to make a real fool of yourself in front of all those people!”

As with so many problems, this may be down to the way we have coded past experiences and are using them to forecast the possible scenario of the future, without any real evidence that this will be the case. It may on the other hand, be due to low self-confidence or low self-esteem.

Call me on 0131 208 3208 or 07749 478 785 to find out how I can help you.

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K.N. (Edinburgh)
K.N. (Edinburgh)@username
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Just thought I'd update you on my driving after my session with you. I now have my new car and today took it for a run to Peebles which I wouldn't have contemplated in the past. I am also quite a regular at the new Morrison store in Dalkeith - which I thought I would never be able to do either. So thank you for your help. I don't know what you do but whatever it is it certainly works.
M.W. (Edinburgh)
M.W. (Edinburgh)
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I want to thank you for identifying my low self-esteem and not confidence. This has made me stand up for myself and deal with things instead of thinking other people will sort it all outfor me - so thank you very much.
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy
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Step2Change helped me to cease a 33 year, 20 a day habit in which I had smoked 240,740 cigarettes at a cost (in today's prices) of £72,270 and spent over 20,000 non-productive hours doing it! Do I recommend Step2Change? You bet!
K.D. (Edinburgh
K.D. (Edinburgh@username
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I gave the presentation today, which went well. Thanks for your help!
Laura Socha (Mid & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce
Laura Socha (Mid & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce@username
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I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Tuesday - it really got me thinking (and relaxing). I also had a number of attendees say how much they enjoyed it too.
Gill Gray (G2 Sales & Marketing Communications
Gill Gray (G2 Sales & Marketing Communications@username
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I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the course yesterday. I felt the other delegates got a lot out of it too. Please keep me advised of any future courses you will be running.
J.R. (Lincoln)
J.R. (Lincoln)@username
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A big thank you for all your helpover the last few weeks. You have been inspirational in making me look to the future and be more positive.
C.T (Edinburgh)
C.T (Edinburgh)@username
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Your coaching gave me just the incentive and focus I needed. I can't believe how much I have achieved these past few months.
S.V. (Glasgow)
S.V. (Glasgow)@username
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Thanks so much for your help. Not only has my career taken off again and with a great salary increase, but it's also going in the direction I really wanted. As a bonus, my social life is back in balance, I have more self-confidence, a new partner and I'm much happier.


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