Fears and Phobias

Picture of a Tarantula. Fears or Phobias can seriously spoil your enjoyment of life. of Spiders

Phobias can seriously spoil your enjoyment of life. Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT can help set you free. Read on to find out more and how I can help.


We are all aware that fears are, in the most part irrational and illogical. I have heard fear described as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

That being said, to a sufferer the fear or phobia manifests itself as a very real and uncomfortable feeling up to and including paralysis in some cases.

How We Get Them

The reason we react in a fearful way is because of the way we have coded memories of past events (stimuli). When we next encounter the same or similar stimuli, we react as if the threat was real. More common phobias include fear of:

  • Spiders and other insects,
  • Flying,
  • Lifts
  • Cats and Dogs,
  • Heights and falling.
  • A fear of rejection is also quite common and often manifests itself in social phobias, low self-confidence and on to low self-esteem.

This can even be the case with apparently unrelated stimuli. Take for example a fear of people in white lab coats.

This may result from a distant event when there was a bad experience in a hospital or medical centre, perhaps a painful or very unpleasant injection from a doctor or nurse who was wearing a white a coat. So in addition to a fear or phobia about injections, there is the apparent unrelated fear of people in white coats, because the way we coded that experience included a person wearing a white coat.

How I Can Help

It is relatively simple to help you resolve most phobias, depending on how deep rooted. I may use the NLP ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ to change how you see the problem, or EFT to clear the  blocks stopping you from processing the emotions involved. Hypnotherapy is also available to strengthen your ability to cope.

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