Irritable Bowel Syndrome

While not a cure for IBS, hypnotherapy can help ease the symptoms.

The effect of IBS can vary widely among sufferers, some seeing it as only a mild annoyance, while others experience it as a unpleasant affliction that can have a limiting effect on the their lifestyle and enjoyment.

The Primary Symptoms of IBS are:
  • constipation,
  • diarrhoea (an alternating bowel habit) and
  • abdominal pain
Secondary symptoms of IBS can include:-
  • abnormal passage of stools
  • abnormal form of stool (soft, watery, stringy, hard or pellet-like)
  • increased amount of mucus in stool (and rectum)
  • feeling of bowel not empty after opening
  • feeling of bloating (abdominal distension)

How Hypnotherapy Can Help with IBS.

A major cause of IBS is considered to be stress and Hypnotherapy can be used to help the client to relax. This approach has proved an important breakthrough in treatment since it was developed around twenty years ago by Manchester doctor Peter Whorwell and research has shown it can obtain relief of symptoms for 60-80% of sufferers. The technique is called Gut Directed Hypnotherapy. Clients are also taught a simple self-hypnosis technique to help them counter stress during their normal day.

While the majority of clients find that four or five sessions are usually sufficient to improve their quality of life, clients should be prepared for a minimum of three sessions. However benefits may well be felt before that.*

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