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Low self-confidence is often caused by negative self-hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can help change that for the better.

Is low self-confidence an issue for you? Hypnotherapy, together with NLP and EFT can help with self-confidence.

Low self-confidence and low self-esteem are remarkably common as both social and work related pressures increase.

Confidence is not just about the feeling, it’s also about the signals, the messages we send out to those around us.

Together, we can change the message to more truly recognise your qualities and abilities as an unique, capable and successful human being. Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT are a good starting point and Coaching can help you move forward.

If low self-confidence is an issue for you as it is for a great many people, give me a call for an informal initial consultation to see how I can help.

Where Does Self-Confidence Come From?

First, it is NOT something you are born with. Self-confidence is in fact a learned skill resulting from a combination of skills and qualities. It develops with practise.

Everyone can learn these required skills and with practise, become more confident. The more confident you begin to feel, the more your confidence will grow.

Sadly, low self-confidence is also learned and we have some good teachers. It is a sad fact that by the age of 5 the average child has heard the word “No” 40,000 times but “Yes” only 5,000 times. When children get to school how many are:

  • Constantly told to improve or do better
  • Ridiculed or made an example of in class
  • Called names because they’re different, quiet or studious
  • Excluded by others because they’re not good at netball or football

Anxious and caring parents tell children to “Be careful”, “Don’t touch this”, or “don’t do that.” Seldom do they tell them how to evaluate and assess risk and act accordingly. Seldom are they encouraged to do something slightly risky so that they learn how to encounter and deal with these things in a safer learning environment. Richard Branson’s mother was however, a notable exception and look where he is now!

Consider another aspect. As children we were constantly told not to talk to strangers, yet as adolescents and adults we have to go out into the world of strangers to make new friends, mix with new work colleagues, or network for business contacts and increased business turnover.

So remember, people are not born with or without self confidence – it is learned.

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