Hypnotherapy, can offer significant benefits in helping sufferers of depression regain control of their emotions, their self-esteem, self-confidence and their lives.

Depression is a particularly serious issue and because its symptoms can be the same as other serious problems, you should always see your GP. Medication is nearly always advisable.

Young Woman Suffering With Depression Needing Help.

Depression can be caused by and also cause a vicious downward spiral of stress of mind and body.

Physical symptoms of depression can include:

  • An inability to sleep,
  • Increased worry and stress as cortisol levels rise. This is your ‘alert to danger’ so you remain on guard further preventing sleep,
  • Extended stress and high cortisol levels which prevent you from sleeping properly lead to physical and mental/emotional exhaustion so then you can’t stop sleeping.
  • Aches and pains become more noticeable as seratonin levels, your natural pain modifiers become depleted,
  • Loss of libido,
  • A reduced immune response leading to increased catching of colds and other ailments,
  • A loss of appetite with resulting weight loss,
  • Increased comfort eating leading to weight gain,
  • A feeling of hopelessness,
  • Suicidal thoughts as life no longer feels worth living.

As stated above, it is imperative to see your GP. Some of these symptoms of depression can be mimicked by other medical problems, including thyroid problems or a vitamin deficiency.

It is also important to not feel ashamed and that you are in some way damaged. Anyone, even people who appear to live in relatively ideal conditions can suffer from depression. The risk factors for it can be:

  • Biochemical: i.e. differences or changes in brain chemicals,
  • Genetics: it can run in families,
  • Personality: people with low self-esteem, being easily overwhelmed by stress or generally pessimistic are more likely to experience it.
  • Environment: exposure to violence, neglect, abuse or poverty may make people more vulnerable.

While medication is usually the preferred choice, hypnotherapy can help stabilise you and help you regain your coping strategies and self-esteem. Please get in touch to see just how I can help you.

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