Look Good - Feel Good: a Case Study

This case study for my Look Good Feel Good programme summarises a client’s successful journey.

Sheila came to see me in mid-February for help primarily with weight loss. Although she had some health issues around an underactive thyroid with its weight gain implications and problems with arthritis, particularly with her hip, she was otherwise in reasonably good health.

Vital Statistics

At age 61+, 5ft 7in and weighing 12st 6lbs, she had a BMI of 28. Someone with a BMI of 26 to 27 is about 20 percent overweight, which is generally believed to carry moderate health risks.

The Programme

The first session on 14 February established her stated goal of losing 26lbs with a target completion in 14 weeks. Her objective was to be able to wear a favourite pair of jeans again and walk without pain.

We then looked at Sheila’s eating habits where she admitted to boredom and comfort eating, so we agreed to replace this with a constructive activity that was satisfying her need.
These were consolidated with hypnotherapy.

Thereafter as modules in the programme, Sheila completed a daily Food & Symptoms Journal, a Chronotype Analysis, an Antioxidant Assessment, a Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment and a Diet Planning Workbook.

The Food & Symptoms Journal quickly demonstrated that Sheila, being a good cook, had a good, balanced diet. However, her busy and varied lifestyle caused erratic mealtimes. Irregular mealtimes is a frequent cause of weight gain because of its undesirable effect on hormone production, especially insulin resulting from sugar level peaks.
The increased recording made Sheila much more aware of how and what she ate, with the outcome that she was able to modify it to her benefit.

Her Chronotype analysis also highlighted wide variations in sleeping patterns resulting in social jetlag, a known factor in weight gain. Again, once she was aware of this she was able to modify her sleep and waking patterns to good effect.

The Antioxidant and Nutritional Deficiencies assessment highlighted some key areas where her diet could be further enhanced. This is a key area because our genetic expression which may lead to weight gain, is strongly influenced by our environment. This environment includes what we eat, drink, think, feel, believe, etc. So, although Sheila had an otherwise well balanced diet, further refinement would play a positive role in enhancing her ability to influence her environment, supported by hypnotherapy to improve her attitude, emotions and response to stress.

Sheila was also taught self-hypnosis to support her during stressful occasions.


At the end of the primary programme at the end of May, her weight was 11st 8lbs, somewhat short of target and which gives a BMI of 25 (just at the top of the healthy range). Sheila also admitted to a holiday in Italy where, like any mortal, she succumbed to the delights of the ice cream parlours. She has promised to return to her normal diet and within two weeks of returning from holiday has lost a further 2 lbs. Total weight loss over 4 months is 14 lbs and heading in the right direction.
Sheila informs me that she is very happy with the overall results. She reports: 

  • A marked increase in a feeling of well-being,
  • Feeling more energised,
  • Feeling fitter and sleeping better,
  • She has improved her diet to include more good carbohydrates and does not snack
  • Also of significance, she reports that she is much happier with her new body shape and is delighted to be able to wear her beloved NYKD jeans again.


In hindsight she admits that her original target weight loss was too optimistic for the timescale, especially considering her underactive thyroid and her medication for it, but continues to use the techniques and learnings to maintain her diet and fitness journey. She has enjoyed the programme and welcomes the new awareness of eating habits and lifestyle that has contributed to her sense of well-being.

Overall, she feels that the programme for her has been a success.

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